Have we ‘danced’ too?

One advantage of a recent controversial new book on marriage by a high profile anti-egalitarian pastor is the wisdom in some of the responses.

Rachel Held Evans has collected some great links here: Some great posts about gender, hierarchy, equality, and marriage.

My personal favorites which also appear on Rachel’s list are Methodist Pastor Morgan Guyton sharing his perspective on Ephesians 5 Why gender hierarchy makes no Biblical sense to me and Sarah Bessey’s In Which Love Looks Like Real Marriage, a link which had the very unusual honor of being sent (by me 🙂 ) to my husband for his reading pleasure.  He asked me, “Have we ‘danced’ too?”.  We have, only our dance was not so balanced and egalitarian as the dance of which Sarah writes.

Not on Rachel’s list, but on mine: Prof Peter J. Leithart shares on Song of Solomon here: The Poetry of Sex

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2 Responses to Have we ‘danced’ too?

  1. Trevor says:

    I just got through reading all of the links in this piece, along with all of the comments on the various posts. Seems to me that an egalitarian marriage possibility is alive and well. One can get to thinking that we are the only ones doing it this way but that is certainly not the case. Absolutely loved the ‘dance’ piece. We’ve been dancing this way for 46 years but we had no idea how to express the dance when we began because terms like comp and egal weren’t invented. Like Sarah and hubby we just knew that God had brought us together and because we had such profound respect for the work of Christ in each of our hearts we wanted to honour that in every way possible. For us it meant simply each deferring to the other and allowing Christ to be the Head (ie. providing direction and wisdom) of our marriage. We had heard of the husband being expected to lead but that wasn’t the model that worked for us, mostly because Liz was a much more spiritually mature person and had far more Christian experience than I. I’m so glad that that is how it was because it began for us this incredibly rich and satisfying marriage journey.

  2. Charis says:

    Thank you for the comment Trevor. I admire your marriage and I hope you and Liz will consider contributing some writing to the blog!

    Unfortunately, I was very influenced by complementarian teaching and our marriage was a rather “toxic dance” for about 22 years. Now it is better, but only after I- completely and without guilt- gave up the sense of obligation to be a “submissive wife”.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and Liz in the journey! 🙂

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