Naked and Unashamed

by Liz Sykes

After checking several versions of Genesis, I found that the last verse in chapter 2 was much the same in all. A couple of times, the word ashamed was replaced by embarrassed, but the same sense was there. The Amplified Bible expands it to say ‘they were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence’. What a wonderful description of marriage as God intended and how it surely can be as a couple find their true worth and acceptance in Christ.

Shame is a huge issue to many people; not just shame about their bodies, but about their very being. Shame happens because of something which is done by or to that person which has a long-term damaging effect. The fact that the biblical account mentions that Eve and Adam were unashamed, points up the ultimate freedom and pleasure they would have had with God and each other. Can this be experienced now in this damaged world and with two sinful people ?

As with many areas of our lives, just accepting Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf doesn’t immediately bring us to perfection but opens the door for God to work in our lives and change us as we live in his grace and power.

If we know that God has better things in mind for us and that the original description of the creation of people was that it was ‘very good’, we can expect to grow in our knowledge of God and become closer to each other.

If a couple desire to live ‘naked and unashamed’ before God and each other, they will take the time to listen to each other without condemnation and criticism, building each other up as they seek to understand their partner’s deepest fears and insecurities. Having a safe place to truly share  yourself with another trusted person is surely the heart of marriage and a great gift from God

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