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Dear Liz, Can I say “no”?

Q.      My husband sometimes wants me to engage in sexual activities with which I’m not comfortable. Do I have some control over what things we do together or should I just go along with his desires? A.      In thinking about … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Teach Male Headship? Conclusion

We have looked at the question of male headship in light of the Bible’s overarching Great Story, and we have examined Ephesians Chapter 5 in light of ancient cultural understandings and original word meanings. Now we turn to some of … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Teach Male Headship? Part 2

Part 1 of this series showed how the covenant community of the church fits into the Bible’s Great Story as a redeemed spiritual family– a family in which all Christians are brothers and sisters and God is our Father– let’s … Continue reading

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