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Fear-Based Parenting

Parenting is often an integral feature of Christian marriage.  In a Christian egalitarian marriage, husbands and wives consider themselves joint leaders of the home and children.  So in light of some other discussions currently in the blogosphere on this subject, … Continue reading

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Marriage and the New Creation by Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie Eleison quotes J. Lewis Martin’s Galatians to ask some very interesting questions about how Christian marriage differs from marriage under the Old Covenant. Marriage and the New Creation What a different argument lies before us in Gal 3:26-29; 6:14-15! … Continue reading

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Dear Liz, What if our sex drives are unmatched?

Q  What if you don’t seem to have a very big sex drive, especially as you get older?  Who is to say what is a big or small sex drive ? How does one gauge such a thing ? Who … Continue reading

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Egalitarian Marriage: What it Looks Like

Jonalyn and Dale Fincher have a great vision of Egalitarian Marriage: What it Looks Like.

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Dear Liz, Our sex life has become routine and boring…

Dear Liz, Our sex life has become rather routine and predicable….is that OK ?  As long as our behaviours fall within God’s moral law of love and consideration of other people, then how we practice our sexuality within marriage is personal. … Continue reading

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What About Birth Control?

Most of Protestant Christianity has taken a laissez faire attitude towards birth control in modern times, giving individuals freedom of conscience to decide for themselves whether or not to use it.  But in recent years, movements like “Quiverfull” have begun to preach … Continue reading

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Dear Liz, My husband is looking at porn…

Q. My husband spends time watching movies which are not helpful to his spiritual growth and in my opinion are downright pornographic. This usually happens late at night when I can’t keep awake after a hectic day with the kids … Continue reading

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