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A Suitable Helper (in the Septuagint)

By Margaret Mowczko This Christmas one of my gifts was a copy of the Septuagint – the (approximately) 200BC Greek translation of the Old Testament.[1]  Thanks Mum!  So far I’ve skimmed through the book of Daniel, and I’ve read Psalm … Continue reading

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RHE- “Mutuality 2012 Synchroblog” (A RE-BLOG)

To Readers looking for resources on Christian Egalitarian Marriage: Rachel Held Evans has served the body of Christ by collecting a wealth of material from many different authors, our own Kristen Rosser (aka: KR Wordgazer), Marg Mowczko, and Don Johnson … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and Responsibility – Part 2

In Part 1 I said, “Ultimately, we are all responsible for ourselves and our own actions.”  This means we cannot be ultimately responsible for anyone but ourselves.  Even with our children, our goal is to teach them self-responsibility so that they can … Continue reading

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The Vision and an Invitation

From a discussion on the CBE Scroll and Josh’s advice here “Strategic Advice for Egalitarians”, or “On Showing Up”  I decided there is a need for Christian marriage materials from an egalitarian perspective.  So, I am going to collect resources … Continue reading

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