Pearls of Wisdom: Links

Here are some recent blog posts related to marriage which might be of interest to egalitarian readers.  Color me grateful to have this topic receiving some high profile attention in the blogosphere 🙂

Rachel Held Evans

Internet Monk– In skimming, I found many  comments are pushback from men who believe in “male leadership” and “male headship”.   And the closing comment is from a pastor who thinks the discussion is a waste of time and energy detracting from “gospel” activities.

The discussion is  important because those men pushing back are real men, with real wives and real children at the mercy of their beliefs! (I happen to be married to one of them!) If you weren’t a slave nor a slave-owner in the 19th century, you might judge that discussion a “detraction from gospel activities”.

Scot McKnight– several pushback comments from self professed patriarchs here as well

Marriage as Covenant Scot McKnight

Not so new, but timeless in wisdom, don’t let the “old fashioned” look and sound stop you from listening to Don Fransisco on wearing the pants:

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1 Response to Pearls of Wisdom: Links

  1. krwordgazer says:

    I loved the Don Francisco song! I have always been a fan of his. He and his wife also have a great website that promotes egalitarian marriage.

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